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Samira Koppikar

Samira Koppikar, is a singer, songwriter & musician who creates music for

Bollywood as well as non-film platforms. Born to a konkani family, her father Dr.

D.G. Koppikar was a renowned Cardiologist.

She resides in Mumbai & Kamshet, creates music from her studio ‘The Dhwani

Lab’. This, she says “is a place where musicians, writers come together and jam,

collaborate, exchange creative ideas & are inspired to create something unique.

Music has no walls, language or genre”, is the, ‘Dhwani Lab’ Spirit.

Samira has a background of Hindustani & Western Classical Music.

Apart from various Hindustani Gurus, she has also been mentored by Indian Jazz

pioneers Louiz Banks & Joe Alvarez. She performed with them at the Montreal

Jazz Festival in 2010.

She released her first Single & Music video “Bebasi” in 2014.

She made her Bollywood playback debut in mid 2014 with the song “Aaj Phir

Tumpe” for the film “Hate Story 2” which is hugely popular.

Then she made her debut as a composer in Bollywood in 2015 with her song

“Maati Ka Palang” for the film “NH10”.

In today’s environment where our lives are so cluttered, we have forgotten how

to ‘Listen’. Music can resonate in a peaceful place within us, compel us to reflect

& explore ourselves Sonically… through melody, rhythm, sound, beat, a song and much more….